Holiday 2015 Preview

I need to go on a No-Buy (or Low-Buy, because typing that made me want to vomit a little in my mouth.)

I need to go on a Low-Buy (or, ya know, only buy things that are really exciting because I can’t possibly go on a Low-Buy, that’s crazy talk.)

Point is, I need to save some money, because the previews for 2015 Holiday Palettes are absolutely drool worthy.

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Impromptu Rant – On the Subject of Peach Fuzz

A short rant.

I have peach fuzz on my face. It is colorless and unnoticeable unless you’re really studying me, in which case, you and my husband need to talk.

There are a lot of foundations that don’t work for me because they adhere to peach fuzz, thus making it more noticeable. It’s usually the thicker more powdery ones. That’s fine, I just won’t use them.

I Googled “Foundation for Peach Fuzz”, and the very first hit I got was another girl asking for advice, and ten people telling her to wax it off.

Here’s my issue.

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