VIB Rouge Event

Hi, I’m Jenny, and I made it to Sephora VIB Rouge (hangs head in shame)

I just deleted three paragraphs about how I didn’t really spend $1000, they just don’t count returns. I was possessed. I was held at gun point. Stuff like that. But you don’t want to read about that.

I attended a VIB Rouge event in New Jersey, and was sorely, sorely, sorely disappointed by the experience. I had even gone to a few nearby malls and asked what they were planning, and none of them really had anything to say. One oh-so-helpful salesperson offered, “You should come, we’ll have food.” If all I was missing was germ covered, partially eaten donuts and a Dunkin Donuts box of coffee, I decided I should just go to the mall closest to my home.

I was promised brand ambassadors, makeovers, facials, and free samples. I had set aside my entire morning to be pampered and preened.

The brand ambassador? One person passing out foil packets of Glamglow masks.

The facial? The same “ambassador” slapping the store testers onto people’s faces and immediately wiping it off, saying “At home you’d do this for twenty minutes. But, ya know. Buy this even though you haven’t seen any effects and I didn’t use it properly.”

The makeovers? I had to chase down salesperson after salesperson just to get color matched for a foundation.

What's left of my sample bag, and my snazzy Marc Jacobs lipstick
What’s left of my sample bag, and my snazzy Marc Jacobs lipstick

I will say the sample bag we left with was actually a nice amount of product. We received a mini lip gloss, a deluxe sample of Boscia Charcoal cleanser, a deluxe sample of Benefit Porefessional, a very flattering shade of lip gloss, and a couple of foil packets that I just tossed because who cares.

If there is another event later in the year, maybe I’ll splurge and take the train up to a New York store. They must know how to do it right!


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