Sephora Epic Rewards: The Booty!

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Here’s a peek at the Stila Epic Reward from Sephora! Look. At. That. Packaging.

It came gorgeously wrapped, and I may have torn into it like a greedy toddler on Christmas.

What can I say, I'm not a
What can I say, I’m not a “Save the Paper” kinda gal.

The make up box feels pretty sturdy, with a faux velvet exterior and very neat, high quality detailing.

Inside, as promised, were a face chart, an Illuminating Beauty Balm (shiny, not sparkly, which is nice), two Convertible Colors in Peony and Petunia, two Stay All Day Liquid Liners in Black and Brown, two Smudge Sticks in Purple Tang and stingray, two Stay All Day Lip Colors in Beso and Dolce, a Stay All Day Volumizing Mascara, and a Kitten eyeshadow.


Because there was no protective packaging inside the makeup box, my eyeshadow came crushed, but whoever is manning Sephora’s Facebook page had a new one ordered for me within two hours. I’m really impressed with their customer service considering the fallout they are still dealing with… One winner with a cracked eyeshadow is not high on the priorities list.

However, I would have appreciated if there was a better presentation inside the box… Even some plastic dividers, so this didn’t just look like someone chucked things in.

KittenAnd a haul wouldn’t be complete without some swatches. Below (from top to bottom) are Petunia, Peony, Beso, and Dolce. (And dear God, is my hand wrinkly. Excuse my while I dunk it in all of the moisturizer in the house.)

SwatchesBeso is a really true, blue toned red. I am incredibly excited for it. It makes the whole set have a sort of 1950s feel, between the winged liner and the red lip. Dolce is the nudest nude I’ve ever seen, with practically no pink to it. I was so confused by how brown it looked that I threw it on my lips, thinking it would meld with my lip color and shift. Nope. But a layer of Buxom gloss on top saved the day!

I have not yet dipped into the liners or mascara, as I don’t want them to dry before I actually get to use them, though I’ve heard the Stila liquid liners last

And, just because the order was leaning Stila anyway, and I’m an addict and my husband is an enabler who got me a gift card, I also got the Windows are the Eyes to the Spirit palette. I am so pumped to dip into those reds!Spirit


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