Sephora Give Me Some Lip Set

For a product that was just meant to be a filler item to earn enough points to participate in the Epic Rewards event, I am legitimately impressed with this set.

This set was a perfect splurge for me because I’m very flighty when it comes to lip products. I’ve never in my life finished one, so why not get a bunch of smaller ones? Especially from some of these more expensive brands… I probably never would have grown the cojones to buy a Bite or Marc Jacobs lip product.

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipgloss in Pale Blue Pink, .20 oz (Full size!), $20


My lips are naturally very rosy, so this washed my color out. Not sure if I’m really into the look. Also, the applicator is weird… I’m used to angled ones that hug the angles my lips, and this has a flat one that I sort of had to maneuver awkwardly. Also also, it clung weirdly to my peach fuzz, which ain’t cute. I’ll most likely use this over other lipsticks as a highlight.

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Meritage, .05 oz, worth about $13 (Full is .09, $24)


This went on GORGEOUSLY. I’m in love. It’s almost like a very accessible red. And it feels amazing, it practically applies itself. The point is also incredibly convenient, as it gives you a little lipliner action for your cupids bow and edges. Love it. Of all of the items, I am most likely to buy this in all of its iterations in full size.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Lust for Lacquer in Kissability, .02 oz, worth about $3.50 (Full is .16, $28)

Marc Jacobs

I love how thin the consistency of this gloss is. It looks like I just bit into some fruit in Eden, or took a drink of water while dancing in a sparkling fountain in Rome, or something romantic and poetic to say about lip gloss. It also tastes good, and don’t lie and tell me that’s not important in a lip gloss. (And editing this the next day, DAYUM, what this does to my lips…)

Buxom Full On Lip Cream in White Russion, .07 oz, worth about $9.50 (Full is .14, $19)


I prefer this color over the Smashbox one. It lets more of my lip color through so it’s not as stark, and the gloss is thinner, sort of giving the just-drank-from-a-fountain impression that the Marc Jacobs did, but not quite as luxurious. I’ve never tried a Buxom gloss before, and lemme tell you, this thing is MINTY. Tingle city. I’ve been wearing it for about twenty minutes while writing this post, and my bottom lip is so puffed that it’s hard to close my mouth all the way… but in a good way. Big fan, would be interested to try more bold colors.

Nars Lip Gloss in Orgasm, .12 oz, worth about $19.50 (Full is .16, $26)


This is such a beautiful, multidimensional pink. When I first applied it, it came off too peach, almost orange, and I was totally disappointed. But as it melded with my lip tone, it shifted and shone and was all around glorious. Definitely more dramatic than the Marc Jacobs. Not necessarily better, just a different effect. Looking back at all the pictures, I’m mighty tempted to get the full size of this one as well… and try the blush…

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Naked, .03 oz, worth about $7 (Full is .09, $22)

Urban Decay

Seriously? This is seven dollars of lipstick? It looks like what you would get with that Barbie salon head play set. Remember that? The dismembered Barbie head with little plastic makeup and hair tools, so you could wiggle a non-working hairdryer at it? Anyway. I’m meh over this one. It looks fine, I’m glad it was free, I’ll use it if I don’t lose in my giant make up bag. But it’s so underwhelming compared to the softness of Bite, the multi dimensions of March Jacobs, or the uber-mint of Buxom. It’s just a lipstick in a box full of magic.

Out of box
I’m a fan of the “Oh, they just fell that way naturally” look in pictures… can ya tell?

Final tally:
Cost: $25 (at Sephora)
Promised worth: $90… where’d they get that number?
Actual worth: $72

This is a fantastic set. Fantastic value, fantastic color choices, and a fantastic opportunity to try things you’d otherwise chicken out of spending on. Unfortunately for me, it’s also a fantastic marketing ploy… I think I said I wanted the full size of all but two… My birthday list is getting mighty long…

Just as a side note, there is a newer version of this set, but I’m very underwhelmed, to the point of not wanting to waste my money to review. They claim it’s only $59 worth of product for $25, and as they over estimated on this set, I’m sure its the same for the new one. Also, the products are not nearly exciting – A Tarte lipstick (I own a couple of these, and they don’t sit right on my lips sometimes), a teeny tiny Marc Jacobs stick, a Fresh balm, a Sephora brand stain, a Kat von D gloss, and a MUFE gloss. Between getting a lip balm, a Sephora brand product, and such a tiny version of the product worth getting excited over, I’d say pass on the new one.


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