Impromptu Rant – On the Subject of Peach Fuzz

A short rant.

I have peach fuzz on my face. It is colorless and unnoticeable unless you’re really studying me, in which case, you and my husband need to talk.

There are a lot of foundations that don’t work for me because they adhere to peach fuzz, thus making it more noticeable. It’s usually the thicker more powdery ones. That’s fine, I just won’t use them.

I Googled “Foundation for Peach Fuzz”, and the very first hit I got was another girl asking for advice, and ten people telling her to wax it off.

Here’s my issue.

Peach fuzz is not just where a man’s beard is. It is not just a fluffy, translucent lady goatee. It is all over your face. When you have it, it goes from undereye to neck, eyebrow to hairline. You cannot be expected to wax tiny, unnoticeable, translucent hairs from your entire face just to be able to use sub par foundations.

Rip off my lady stache? All the time.

Wax my thick, German eyebrows? Constantly.

Pluck at those stubborn little assholes on my chin? Point me to the Tweezerman.

But peach fuzz is not something to be ashamed of.

To girls looking for advice on foundation with peach fuzz: Look for the same qualities as a foundation for dry skin. If it sticks to dry patches, it’ll stick to peach fuzz. Try tinted moisturizers, BB creams, and super watery formulas.

My favorite right now is Make Up Forever Face and Body. It sinks right to the skin, bypassing both fuzz and crust. The coverage is sheer to light (at least as far as I’ve been able to get), so poke at your face with a concealer a few times and you’ll be fine.

To girls offering the “advice” of wax your whole face? Wax your entire forearm and give me that advice again.

Seriously, girls. Men make being a chick hard enough. Don’t start bullying each other over stupid shit like being a mammal.


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