Butter London Shadow Clutch

So… I’m having trouble writing this review.

Perhaps I’ll lay out the facts, then try to put together my final verdict.

Open Clutch

This is the Butter London Shadow Clutch in Natural Charm (Ulta). Dayum, look at those colors. I was immediately taken in by the gorgeous peach and bronze. These colors scream “Jenny, buy me!” and when I swatched them in Ulta, I was hooked. The shimmer shades are absolute GENIUS. Buttery, smooth, pigmented, shiny, consistent, delicious. Think more Lorac, less Mac.

I think the color choices, besides being addictively beautiful, are very smartly chosen. There is an all over lid shade, a perfect taupe crease shade, a deeper crease or liner shade, and a few pops of color. It is missing a highlight shade, or maybe I’m just too pale for life. The other choice, Pretty Proper, is less varied or interesting, with six shades of grey and brown.

Swatches Dry

The palette also boasts being able to use wet or dry. Below is a test of them wet using Mac Fix+… Strangely, it made the mattes appear streaky and useless, which is disappointing because you’d think the darkest shade would be a great liner wet.

Dose shimmers, doe. The green and bronze became downright metallic. Also, the shadows did not get that plasticy sheen that ruins most shadows once they get wet, which is great.

Swatches Wet

The palette comes in two different color combinations, and its main feature is its customizability. You can buy more shadows ($15 for two shades), disassemble the palette, and refill with whatever you want. Currently, there are only four more sets of colors, but they seem to lack continuity. It appears they expect you to do the same neutral eye look with a different pop of color, instead of a cohesive purple or blue look.


And a nitpick – there is no safe way to store these shadows if they are out of the clutch. They are not metal, so you can’t stick them in a Z Palette, and have no covers. Unless the extra duos come with a case, this seems like an odd oversight.

I can also attest to the clutch’s strength. I dropped it from my bathroom sink to the tile floor, and it didn’t even open. I did this purely for science. Of course.

I tested the shadows without a primer, because another claim (there are quite a few) is that they are primer infused. I interpreted that as you don’t need an additional one. With only foundation on my eyes, the shadow creased, faded, and the green turned brown in about 6 hours. (I would show you a picture of it, but you’d go temporarily blind, and I’d like you to be able to finish reading.) I used a primer the second time I wore them, and they performed gorgeously – zero creasing, looked fresh after about 6 hours of being outside. But, that might just mean Lorac makes a stellar primer, not that Butter London makes a stellar shadow.

I think my biggest qualm with this shadow is the price. This palette is $39 for .24 oz of shadow ($162.50 per oz). To compare, Lorac Pro Palette is .32 oz for $42 ($131.25 per oz) and has an obviously greater variety of shadows. The perk to the Clutch is its mobility. As I so scientifically tested, the packaging is very durable, and the customizability is very appealing, though you would be limited to one or two looks made with only 6 shadows.

It’s 50/50 as far as if I’d recommend it… But the colors are too gorgeous to return…

Perhaps I should leave it to you. What are your thoughts?


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