Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Raise your hand if you have felt personally victimized by Luna Sleeping Night oil.

Every beauty blogger and her mother is singing the praises of this little jar of Aladdin’s Genie sweat. Yes, their mothers are specifically creating YouTube channels just to fawn over it.

I’ve decided to skip the explanation of Luna’s ingredients and claims, its luxe packaging, and the mandatory oh-my-god-it’s-BLUE picture. If I want to read the marketing jargon, I’ll check Sunday Riley’s own website. I could tell you that it contains Blue Tansey, but that means nothing if Blue Tansey actually has no effects on your complexion.

So instead, here is my day by day breakdown.

Day One (8/3): My skin felt kind of firmer kind of maybe? But with all the stuff I slather on my dry, crackly mug, it could have been attributed to any one of them. I had also just bought a bottle of Argan Oil, and had been using a slew of Lush stuff for a few weeks.

Day Two: I decided to get an outside opinion, because I was driving myself nuts trying to figure out if this was doing anything.

Husband (let’s call him Colin Firth.): I mean… It looks smoother, I think, and whiter?
Me: I’m thinking of returning it, I don’t see much.
Colin Firth (or Johnny Depp… Yea, Johnny Depp.): Well, it’s not like you spent $100 on it or anything.
Me: … I did.
Ryan Gosling: Yea, I don’t see anything.

Plop, Luna went into the “To Be Returned” bag.

Day Three: I looked at my face and realized that if my foundation performed as well as my face looked naked, I’d celebrate. Yoink, Luna was put back into the bathroom. I have now pinpointed a few things I want to see improve in an unspecified amount of time… Let’s say two weeks.

Also, just for science, I also started using Josie Maran’s Argan Oil at the same time, so any moisture changes will probably be due to that as well…

Day Seven: My face feels soft and smooth, but it’s hard to see much of a difference. I guess if I’m completely optimistic, some of my acne scarring is less jagged, but still just as scarry looking. Spent an hour squinting at before and after pictures of my cheek trying to see ANY difference.

Day Eight: Last night, I skipped Luna because… well.. I have twin babies and sometimes these things happen. But! This morning my face looked clearer. And less red. Without the Luna oil. Uh oh.

Day Nine: Continuing to not use Luna to see if effects continue. They are. Trying a difference exfoliator (philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash, if you’re curious) to see if the smoothing effect from Luna can be duplicated cheaper.

Day Fourteen: Luna has been returned. Smurfs everywhere rejoiced.

I believe this product to be all hype, and hype ain’t worth $105. I definitely felt like it had done something nice the first couple of nights, but it was most likely the placebo effect, or thanks to any number of other things I put on my face. So, so, so disappointed.

Am I the only blogger on the planet who didn’t like this stuff?

Bonus: Things I have put on my face that I believe actually helped!
Lush Rosy Cheeks – reduces redness and puffiness
Philosophy Microdelivery Wash – exfoliates
Philosophy Microdelivery Peel – exfoliates and brightens
Josie Maran Argan Oil – so much moisture


12 thoughts on “Luna Sleeping Night Oil

  1. Personally I have found some of the drug store branded stuff, to be much better than items I have spent a good chunk of change on. Also I agree with the other commentator love your writing style.

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      1. I have been in to acid toners and peels lately. Here in Germany I found a great fruit acid peel with glycolic and salycilic acid that I use 1 time a week that’s our drugstore brand. I use that along with my Retin-A and it has helped tremendously. I also use a physical exfoliant one time a week.

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      2. Walgreens, if you are located in the U.S. makes an AHA cream. It is their brand called studio 35 beauty. Apparently they keep it hidden on the shelves, but I see people everywhere raving about it. Plus you get 4 oz for like 9 bucks.

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      3. No problem. Just like I said, you might have to hunt for it or even try a few different Walgreens before you find it. Most people have said its on the bottom shelf.

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    1. I know, right? My skin is so dry without it, it’s definitely the thing that makes my face feel the most normal. Not too much product, just naturally lubricated… which is a poor choice of word… but you know what I mean.


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