Holiday 2015 Preview

I need to go on a No-Buy (or Low-Buy, because typing that made me want to vomit a little in my mouth.)

I need to go on a Low-Buy (or, ya know, only buy things that are really exciting because I can’t possibly go on a Low-Buy, that’s crazy talk.)

Point is, I need to save some money, because the previews for 2015 Holiday Palettes are absolutely drool worthy.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Look at it. Look. At. It. Then look some more. The sleek packaging, the gorgeous, green-eye-flattering, fall colors. The burgundies. The peach!

My only gripe – besides the purples down the left and the burgundies across the bottom, it’s not in a particularly useful order. Also, it’s missing in the basics department. Like, if this were to be the only palette you packed for a weekend, the only crease shade you have is one medium brown or a medium purple. However, if you were to pair this with the Lolita palette (or any neutral palette, I ain’t no snob), you could get a few more well blended looks.

Still. Want.



The packaging of this is pure genius. Tarte packaging always gets me right in the wallet. I mean, gut. If this binder were a purse, I’d own it. Or a jacket. Or a wallet. But I guess I’ll have to settle for a makeup palette. The value of this looks great, even if I can’t find the price. Between two blushes, a brush, and a mascara, we’re talking $100 before we even mention a single shadow. And considering last year’s palette was about $75, this would be a steal!

And it’s gorgeous. And it will be mine.

Sephora Give Me More Lip


I was so impressed with the six product version that it only makes me lust after this one more. I mean, it has YSL and Nars in it, for goodness sakes. I feel like I could buy this set and be content with lip products for a year. Or… ya know… until something super pretty comes along.

God, this post makes me sound like an addict.


Jenny want. Jenny want now. Jenny no talky big words. Shiny. Want. 

And for one negative…

Too Faced

Too Faced

What. The heck. Is this packaging.

Personally, I’m not a fan of any of the Too Faced packaging. A lot of people call it “girly,” I call it gawdy. I want my makeup to look sleek and luxurious, or at least soft and pretty. Too Faced products always remind me of plastic toy makeup. And this? A dollhouse?

Personal esthetics aside, it’s just completely impractical. The dollhouse holding your mascara, lip product, and primer is completely useless except for an initial “Heh, that’s cute”, and the palette is so monstrous that it won’t fit on most bathroom sinks. Also, no mirror? All that space and no mirror???


10 thoughts on “Holiday 2015 Preview

  1. I always get excited about palettes, and then I buy them and never use them or the quality is terrible. They always use cheaper quality on limited palettes than their permanent collections. Exception being some of Urban Decay’s palettes and Hourglass palettes. I should know better working in the industry, but it’s hard to stop myself.


    1. Really? I haven’t found that yet… But I’m always careful to read reviews before shelling out the big bucks for palettes. Though I understand why brands would do that – selling shadows for essentially a quarter price because they’re in a palette, you’d expect a dip in quality.


      1. It’s just something I have seen in my experience as a makeup artist. I’ve also been told that by a few brand reps. Some brands don’t sacrifice their quality though. 🙂

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  2. I’m buying the Tarte palette. I’m still debating Hourglass because it’s quite small for 95$CND. I agree with the Too Faced, I own the previous 2013,2014 editions and this year feels like the same for me – so skipping. I’m considering Smashbox Art.Love.Color ect.ect. I need to go on a low buy too:D Great post

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    1. The Hourglass one is in my shopping cart, just haven’t pulled the trigger. One of the reviews said its the same weight as the 3 pan one, which means these might be minuscule, but still more expensive. Might get the 3 pan one to qualm my shopping addiction. Everything else is going to wait until the holiday Rouge sale, I’m afraid.

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      1. They are minuscule. The 3 pans (I do own it) is not big so imagine this palette! 😏 ( We need super small brushes to pick up the products ) I won’t buy it before the Rouge sale either but I might not buy it at all !!! xxx

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