Liebster Award!!!

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award!!!


(Fun fact: My computer really wants this to be the Lobster award. Must be hungry.)

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I Own… *Gulp*… Five Bronzers

I own five bronzers.


I’m… gonna vomit.

I was doing a makeup clean out, getting rid of some drug store stuff I’ve since upgraded to high end, deciding between dupes, that sort of thing, and I had to set aside my bronzers. Because I don’t want to get rid of a SINGLE ONE.

Makeup addict. Amiright?

So to celebrate my descent into madness, here is an ode to my five bronzers.

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Chronicles of a Packaging Whore

Hi, my name is Jenny, and I’m a packaging whore.

As my makeup collection grew and multiplied and had grandchildren, I started to become bored with what cosmetics were offered. I mean, I already have a liquid eyeliner that stays in place for 12 hours, do I really need another one just to have the fun of buying it? It was taking more and more to impress me enough to spend money.

Then along came Miss Charlotte Tilbury, and I was doomed. The rose gold packaging. The vintage, art deco inspiration. The luxury. The glamour.

I knew my new true love would be beautifully packaged makeup. Why buy thirty drug store single shadows when you could have one luxurious palette that makes you feel like a movie star just for having it on your nightstand?

Here are some of my current weaknesses.

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