Have We Forgotten about Lovely?

I had intended to only put on some tinted moisturizer (Tarte – jury is out, not sure I’m in love with it.) and mascara (Peter Thomas Roth) to go food shopping. But then I decided I wanted to smack on some eyeshadow because I just bought it and hadn’t yet gotten to play with it (Marc Jacobs Lolita). Then that turned into winged eyeliner (Kat Von D Tattoo Liner). Then my eyes looked so done, I needed blush to balance (Clinique Ginger Pop – yes, I love this. So sad the flower pattern is fading), and hell, why not try that new contouring powder I just got (Mac blush in Harmony, most natural contour I’ve tried.)

All of a sudden, I was wearing a full face of makeup to go pick up cucumbers.

Anyhow, the Husband (Hmmm… Jude Law?) sees me, and says, “I know you’re wearing make up, but I can’t see it. You just look pretty.” (Jude is such a sap. Vomit.)

It made me think – maybe in the age of beauty bloggers, strobing, cat liner, and false lashes, we have forgotten the idea that makeup can be used to enhance rather than replace. Yes, I have many eyeshadow colors that do not appear on any race of human. Yes, I’ve dabbled in false lashes that make you look like a Pixar character. Yes, I adore a plum, plumped lip.

But have we all forgotten that makeup can also just make you look lovely?

I think that’s the word I’ve been missing from my makeup routine. I’ve been going for gorgeous, sexy, smoldering, flawless, plastic, glamorous, unreal. I forgot that lovely was an option.



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