Makeup As Meditation

This post is going to be a little deep.

When you’re applying liquid eyeliner, you can’t be distracted.

Perhaps I’m starting at the middle of this post, but them’s the rub.

When you’re applying liquid eyeliner, and you’ve already done the rest of your makeup, and if you mess up you have to start over or have smudgy, Q-Tip eyes, and you want the perfect point that is symmetrical on both sides…

You can’t be distracted. You have to calm down and focus. Your world becomes nothing but black liner on white skin and breathing and music and don’t blink and focus.

I’m a mother of twin baby girls, and, needless to say, my life became immediately stressful. A day as a stay at home mom is like sitting in a wooden boat with tiny leaks all over the bottom that you have your fingers and toes in at all times. As long as you’re balanced and aware and always thinking of every leak, you won’t sink.

It gets exhausting.

But applying liquid eyeliner is singular and simple.

I love make up. It helps me breathe.

It helps me remember that besides being a mom and a maid and a spit up covered tickle monster, I’m a girl who just likes feeling pretty.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this one.


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