Make-up Dump (With Mini-Reviews)

Recently, I did a makeup dump.


Here’s the run down of a few standouts:

Rimmel Lash Accelerator

I know what you’re saying. “But Jenny! This was in your August Favorites!” (Just kidding. I’m not popular enough for people to watch that kind of continuity.) Anyway, I’m considering this a learning experience – it taught me that I prefer lengthening mascaras to volumizing ones. I am now addicted to Lancome Definicils. Like, you know those makeup products you are so scared will be discontinued you wonder how many backups wouldn’t be crazy to get? That’s this Lancome mascara for me.

Whole Lotta Tarte

I think this is me bowing out of the Tarte game. A blush that takes a thousand layers to show up on my skin, a creaseless concealer that creases, a super yellow tinted moisturizer, and a lipstick with so little staying power that the act of talking is enough to make it smear and fade. I’ve also tried their latest liquid eyeliner which literally smudged before I had finished the second eye. Their eyeshadows have never given me a problem, though.

Most of my Stila Epic Reward

I regret picking the Stila prize so, so much. All I’ve really enjoyed of it is the liquid eyeliners and one of the convertible colors. I should have gotten the Bobbi Brown set. I gave up a shimmer brick for this??? Oh well, you live, you learn. And you crave a shimmer brick.

Benefit Roller Lash

Holy fallout, Batman. I adore the brush on this thing – it definitely is the best at grabbing my lashes. Like, legitimately pulling at my eyelids and coating every lash. But that’s as far as my love for it goes. Panda, girls. Lots and lots of panda.

That’s all that’s worth noting in the stuff I’m tossing. If you have questions about other things pictured, let me know and I’ll be happy to elaborate 🙂


2 thoughts on “Make-up Dump (With Mini-Reviews)

  1. This was great! I was considering the benefit roller lash for my Birchbox but I abhor fallout so I think I’ll pick of of the others xD great post! (It’s amazing how after monthly favorites posts we find another product we prefer xD

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