Marc Jacobs “Free Spirit” Palette Review and Swatches


Closed Box

Seriously. Guys.


I. Can’t. Even.


I usually try to write intelligent reviews of things. Well thought out, informative, useful reviews. But, guys.

ScaredOk, let me collect myself.

Turned On

“I can totally see myself in you”

Jenny, stop it.

This is the Marc Jacobs: The Free Spirit, Style Eye-Con No. 20 Plush Eyeshadow for Holiday 2015, and I’m serious when I say holding this in my hand has ruined me for every other holiday palette I was looking forward to before.

It comes in the same style of packaging as the No. 7 palettes, just huge. The pans are 3/4 the size of the No. 7 palettes, though they could have fooled me. So, for some math: No. 7 palettes are $59 for 7g of product, or $8.42 per shadow (and at that price, it’s cheaper that Mac and stop me I’m about to buy all of them). The Free Spirit palette is $100 for 16 grams, so $6.25 per shadow (and oh my god that’s the same as Makeup Geek, GET THIS PALETTE.)

With Lolita

The palette is split up into 5 vertical quads, which explains my original confusion. I assumed, based on the first row being a group of matte neutrals, that this was to be looked at horizontally like most palettes, but the order of the colors makes zero sense that way. Burgundy, black, burgundy, black, burgundy on the bottom row? Zero sense.

The five quads are named, and the palette comes with an instructional insert that gives you looks. What’s really interesting is the looks aren’t just, “Top color all over, dark color in crease, interesting color on lid, darkest color as liner,” like most instructional inserts. They’re really thought out and unique.

The Libertine


The most gorgeous pastel, muted taupey, purple quad ever ever ever

The Poet


Bronzey, goldy, more-interesting-than-neutral neutrals

The Wild Child

Wild Child

These colors make me think of a wild woman laying in a field with wildflowers in her hair. That peach is the most stunning thing.

The Artist


Silvers and grays. This one is pretty standard, besides the blue shimmer hiding in the black.

The Bohemian


This combination both excites and confuses me. The gold is so deep, almost a greeny bronze. It actually reminds me of Esmerelda in Hunchback of Notre Dame. Wonder if that’s where they were going?

In general, I found the mattes average bordering on stiff. I haven’t put these on my eyes yet, but I foresee needing to build these. The metallics and shimmers, however, are AMAZING. A. Maz. Ing. All metallics and shimmers in my swatches were one swipe. Seriously, they perform like creams.

I can’t even put into words how excited I am to have my hands on this thing. One little annoyance about it: My palette had a loose eyeshadow pan. I don’t know if it’s annoying enough to exchange at Sephora, but it just kinda punches me in the gut knowing I spent $100 on it.

Buy this. Now. Seriously. It’s available at Sephora and the Marc Jacobs site.

As I play with this more, I’ll update you guys 🙂


9 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs “Free Spirit” Palette Review and Swatches

  1. Dang it, I wish we could just buy The Libertine quad by itself – I love those colors and they would work great on me. No way could I talk Hims into dropping $100.00 on some eyeshadow, though!


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