Becca Afterglow Palette

Becca has come out with another palette, specifically for Holiday 2015. After my very, very lengthy love letter to the Becca Ombre Rouge palette, it’s understandable that I would be going gaga after this one.


This is the Becca Afterglow Palette. So shiny and lovely and sleek and wonderful!


It comes with five pans of cheek products, all from their permanent line, so could be a great way for someone to explore the line before investing in a whole $38 highlighter.


The palette comes with three highlighters (Moonstone, Rose Gold, and Topaz) and two blushes (Wild Honey and Flowerchild). A truly varied sampling from Becca’s line.

With Rouge

The pans are exactly the same as those of the Ombre Rouge palette, which illuminates (heh) my first gripe with this. While the size of the pans make for very, very generous amounts of shadow, they are dinky cheek products. This is truly a “sampler” set.

With Brush

Above is the Real Techniques Blush Brush against one of the blush pans. You’d have to be very, very careful dipping into the blush in order to not get the neighboring pan, but also sufficiently cover the brush in product.

My second gripe? Because the selection is SO wide, it makes it difficult for one person of one skin complexion to use every product in its intended way. For example, I have NW20 skin (I’m sure I’ll only get more ghostly as winter attacks all the pigment in my face…), so the only highlighter I can use is Moonstone. Rose Gold and Topaz would show up too pigmented on my face… I suppose they could be blush toppers or eyeshadows, but I don’t like stretching the purpose like that. Also, and this is just personal preference, I don’t like the look of a brown blush. I think it sinks in the apples of the cheeks in a sickly way. Subjective.

So, I’m torn on this one. Becca products, as it’s widely known, are fantastic. Fan-bloody-tastic. Ombre Rouge is my go to palette. The highlighters are DELICIOUS (On your face. Can’t vouch for in your mouth.) But between the small pan size and the detrimentally varied shade selection, I personally will not be keeping it.

I think this palette is truly a “gift” item – exciting to receive, fun to swatch and play with, but not a completely functional piece of makeup.

That being said, if you are someone who just has to own EVERYTHING, then this is a fun head start on the Becca line.

You can get this beauty at Ulta


7 thoughts on “Becca Afterglow Palette

  1. I’m so sad that this is an Ulta exclusive. I don’t own any Becca products and thought it would be a good product to, as you said, sample the line. The closest Ulta for me is 4 hours away and across a border 😦 Maybe I’ll just suck it up and order a full size from Sephora one of these days! I think the pans being close together would probably irritate me too.

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  2. Ok but if you’re really that pale, maybe you ought to take a step back and realize that for once, this product was not marketed for you, and that plenty of people- even other white people only a little less pale than you are!- would be able to wear all of these colors with no problem. You can’t label it “detrimentally varied” or bring up brown blush as “sickly” (even with a cutesy “subjective” qualifier attached) if you’re so pale it’s obviously not meant for you anyway.

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  3. “Don’t like stretching the purpose like that”… this means that you don’t like products that are versatile and making things work for you, you’d rather only use things as the marketing says you should. I get it and yet, I think perhaps you could open your horizons a we bit on that.
    re the person from Canada above, I just ordered one from the Bay. They’re still in stock there. (Hudson’s Bay)

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    1. Yup, when I’m spending higher amounts of money, I prefer to use items for their intended, “advertised” purpose. It’s also the reason I don’t own any contour kits even if you can use it “as eye shadow.” If I’m spending $50, I want $50 of contour kit. Just me.


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