I Own… *Gulp*… Five Bronzers

I own five bronzers.


I’m… gonna vomit.

I was doing a makeup clean out, getting rid of some drug store stuff I’ve since upgraded to high end, deciding between dupes, that sort of thing, and I had to set aside my bronzers. Because I don’t want to get rid of a SINGLE ONE.

Makeup addict. Amiright?

So to celebrate my descent into madness, here is an ode to my five bronzers.

(To make this even more ridiculous, I have NC20 skin. I’m pale. I’m a ghost. I’m the white bit of screen that I’m typing this on. I have no right to own five bronzers.)

Bronzer Swatches

Body Shop Honey Bronzer in Medium, Mac Blush in Harmony, Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Medium, Charlotte Tilbury Bronze from Bronze and Glow, Nars Laguna

Three of these were purchased due to Youtube peer pressure, though those turned out to be my favorites, so no love lost.

Body Shop Honey Bronzer

The cheapest of my bronzers, but it holds a special place in my heart. A total “Youtube Made Me Buy It” moment. Totally Essiebutton’s fault. I found it for $15 on Amazon, and its beautiful. Why does it not smell like honey? Why???

Being the least expensive, you’d think it would be the best to chuck… but I love it too much. It’s so pretty. Very warm, almost yellow in tone, very subtle. And it has a honeycomb pattern in the pan, which is the more important point.

Mac Blush in Harmony

I bought this at the urging of a Mac employee. It’s fine, just not one I reach for. A slightly pinky brown, which makes sense, as it is a blush. Makes for a naturalish contour, though I do usually feel the need to blend it out with another bronzer.

Bobbi Brown Bronze in Medium

The darkest of my bronzers, so much so that I can’t possibly use it as such. It is reserved for super intense contouring. Ya know, when I go out to da club. (It’s hard to catch sarcasm in blog form…) Had I the receipt, this would be going back. But alas.

Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow

Do not speak ill of the Bronze and Glow. It is beautiful. A very ashy brown with silverish gleam. And I feel superbly princessy when I use it, and that’s all that matters, right?

Nars Laguna

This is all Allanarama’s fault. Yes, every Guru has vouched for this bronzer, but Alanna went so far as to do a look that was JUST Laguna, brows, and lashes. And it looked STUNNING. Done, mine.

I am officially not allowed to buy bronzers.


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