Colourpop Haul!

First, a question. How many items does it take to earn the word “Haul”? Well, for today, six will have to do.

Colourpop Haul

After much urging by every Beauty Guru on Youtube, I got myself a small sampling of Colourpop stuff. I chose four super shock shadows, a lippie stick, and an ultra matte lip. Swatches at the end of the post!


t took me SO MUCH self control not to plunge my finger into these things the second I got them, but I wanted a nice picture before I destroyed the pattern on the top. These have such a unique texture. I assumed they were going to be a cream shadow, but they have a kind of solid mousse texture. There’s a bit of give, but not so much that you could reach your finger to the bottom of the pot. They’re soft and almost powdery. A weird cream powder hybrid. I’m intrigued.

I got Central Perk (deep burgundy brown), Plaid (dark green), Party Time (lovely lavender grey), and Boy Band (metallic copper.)

I was most excited for Central Perk, as I’m a burgundy eyeshadow addict, but was actually a little disappointed with the performance. The other shadows swatched opaque and strong in one stroke, the swatch below is actually a few dips into the pan. I was hoping it would be a one-shadow look, but it looks like this is going to act as a base for other powder shadows.

Party Time turned out to be an incredibly wearable color, and Plaid is as lovely as expected, but the standout is Boy Band. I think the Colourpop formula really sings with metallics. Just magic.


I got Lumiere and Avenue.

Lumiere is a really wearable plum, just a tad darker than a “my lips but better” type of color. If you’re squeamish about diving into dark Autumn lips, this is a really nice training-wheels color.

Avenue is a brown toned red Ultra Matte. Honestly? I don’t remember ordering this! But it’s pretty, so I’ll keep it. Plus, $6. Really, who can complain?

Colourpop Haul Swatches

Swatches: Lumiere, Avenue, Boy Band, Centarl Perk, Party Time, Plaid

Another thing – I haven’t worn these yet, but I can tell you that the lasting power of the shadows is amazing. Usually, when I swatch lipstick, I can wash it off my arm with hand soap. These took hand soap, Ultra Bland, and eye makeup remover to get off me. Always amusing to find makeup that doesn’t want to let go of my skin.

I’m pretty excited to try these out! Youtube hype for the win!


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