Marc Jacobs “Funny Girl” Nail Lacquer

Hello, Gorgeous!


I majored in musical theater in college. I’m a musical nerd. A verifiable Broadway encyclopedia.

So when I found out there was a nail polish called Funny Girl, I had to own it immediately. Like, you know in cartoons when the road runner runs so fast that all he leaves behind is a road runner shaped cloud? Yea. That was me.

Did I mention it was the same color as what Barbra wore in the movie? Love it. Marc Jacobs is a nerd like me.

(I’m also on a huge Marc Jacobs cosmetics kick… The Free Spirit palette is my spirit animal.)

Barbra Nails 1

Above: Barbra’s unapologetically long nails

Funny Girl Nail Polish

Above: My dinky set with the Marc Jacobs Hi-Shine Lacquer Nail Polish

I adore this nail polish and am considering buying many, many more. I’ve never been able to keep nail polish on my hands. True story: When getting my manicure for my wedding, I ruined it opening my car door to leave. That is how horrible I am at keeping nail polish on.

But I’m writing this post on day 3, and have not a single chip. (Editing on day 5: The only fingers that have chipped AT ALL are my right pointer and middle finger, which are arguably my most abused anyway. My left hand might as well have been painted yesterday. Need. All. Of. These. Polishes.)

It’s gorgeous, and so worth the price tag. In fact, considering how expensive Marc Jacobs’ other beauty items are, $18 feels really reasonable. Think about it: You have to reapply Opi or Sally Hanson polishes twice a week (or once a day if you’re me). You’ll run through the product so much faster than this.

Plus, Marc Jacobs based these colors on movies he loves. How fun?

Other shades I’m looking at:

Lola – I can’t find a list of the movie references Marc Jacobs is working from, but this reminds me so much of Gwen Verdon’s Lola in Damn, Yankees. I’m not sure I’d like wearing such a tomato red, but again, musical theater nerd.

Gatsby – A gorgeous, gorgeous silvery lavender. Just pretty. And literary.

Showgirl – Straight up copper glitter. Gaudy in the most luxurious way.

Barbra and Omar

PS – Tell me Omar Sharif isn’t dreamy.


8 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs “Funny Girl” Nail Lacquer

  1. He is dreamy alright 😉 I think it’s the first review I read about MJ nail polishes. I don’t mind the 18$ if it stays on my fingers for more than 2 hours 😀


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