Cure for Too Faced Chocolate Bar Lust

Below are instructions on how to cure yourself of needing yet another neutral eye shadow palette:

1.) Go to Sephora, or Ulta, or whatever store you’ve been in so often that the salespeople know your entire inventory of makeup and have a slightly judgmental tilt to their warm, greeting smiles. Just me?

2.) Oogle the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, with its gorgeous packaging and ingenious design. Marvel at the delectable smells wafting from its pans. Try to convince yourself that these brown eyeshadows will be better than the last. These brown eyeshadows will love you more.

3.) Dip your finger into that oh-so-elusive pan of Burgundy powder

4.) Feel how hard and awful it is

5.) Scrape an uncomfortable swatch across your hand.

6.) Squint to find any sort of pigment you’d actually want on your lids

Congratulations, the spell is broken.


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