Kevin Aucoin – The Contour Book, Volume II Review

aucoin outer box

I could tell you that this thing is wonderful. I could tell you that The Sculpting Powder is exactly as perfectly toned and subtle as everyone says. I could tell you that I have never felt so lovely as when I followed the instructions at the front of this set.

But none of that is as important as some math:

Kevyn Aucoin’s The Sculpting Powder retails for $44 for .11 ounces.
This set is $65 on Sephora comes with .14 ounces of The Sculpting Powder. (The original came with just .04 ounces.)
This set comes with MORE sculpting powder than the actual sculpting powder, and I haven’t even mentioned the other products that are included.
If you have ever, ever, ever been curious about the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder, GET THIS SET.

Now, onto the review.


Man, do I love this thing.

It comes leather bound (faux?), very sturdy and high quality, incredibly well made. The first page of the book is a layout of instructions for how to use all of the products. The look Kevyn Aucoin laid out is very neutral and natural, very “my cheekbones are naturally this angular and perfect and my eyes always sparkle just so”.

closed book

He even splits the eyeshadow instructions down the middle – contour your crease and highlight your inner corner for the epitome of a natural look, or continue to add the pink lid color and deeper crease shade for a more made up look. Being an addict, I immediately threw everything available onto my eyeball, but still came out with a very flattering, natural, satiny look.


As I’ve never owned The Sculpting Powder as a single, I can’t speak to if the pan in the set is the same quality, but I will tell you it’s fantastic. What’s wonderful about it is that when I put it on and blend it out with blush and bronzer, I forget it’s there. It’s so natural that I’ve fooled MYSELF into thinking my cheekbones are that good.

The creams are also fantastic. I’ve only tried one cream contour product before (Becca Lowlight/Highlight Poured) and absolutely hated it, so I was suspicious of this one. But this one is a perfect combination of firm and silky, so it’s easy to use but you don’t pick up too much. The Candlelight cream is interesting in that it is more of a texture than a color; it really does create a dewy look because it is actually a dewy product.

The only complaint I have about the powder products is there is no individual cover for them, and the palette in total does not close securely, so I’m assuming these will dry long before I have used them. Someone in the Sephora reviews suggested cutting the plastic sheet that comes in the book to size and taping it over the creams, but ain’t nobody got time for that.


I think this palette goes beyond Christmas Gift… This is just a really useful full face palette that you should consider adding to your regular rotation, no matter what time of year.

Did I mention I like this thing?


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