Versatile vs Specialized Palettes

Here’s a question.

Which do you lean towards: Versatile, multi-use palettes or palettes that give you a specific look or color family?

When I started getting really into makeup, I decided I would buy exactly one eyeshadow palette (how naive was I?). I did my research, swatched in store, agonized, watched reviews, and obsessed. Naked palettes were popular, but only came in browns, taupes, or pinks depending on which. Too Faced Chocolate Bar had a similar neutral selection with a few pops of color. Etc.


Lorac Pro Palette ended up being my winner, with its selection of neutrals, color payoff, price point, and Garnet. Mostly because Garnet was in there. Ammiright?

Anyway, as my makeup interest evolved into more of an obsession, I started noticing what colors were missing from my beloved Lorac. My collection grew palette by palette as I found colors I was missing. My palette collection, to put it nicely, has gone a little out of control.


And I noticed recently that I have to remind myself to use my Lorac. My once holy grail, perfect, only-need-one-for-life palette is now at the bottom of the pile. Why is that?

It doesn’t evoke a specific look to me. I can’t think “I feel like wearing greens.” Or “I’m in a smokey mood.” The only reason I’ve recently picked it up was for Garnet (oh, my dearest Garnet, what you do to green eyes.)

Yes it has neutrals, but it’s been long replaced by Becca Ombre Rouge for its compact ease and radiantly gorgeous shades.

Yes, it has a Pewter, but Naked2 is a whole palette of similar taupes.

Also, while the Lorac does have a purple and a slate, it only has one of each. You are relegated to one kind of eye look – a pop of color blended out into neutrals. You have no option to blend the deep purple into softer lilacs.

I’m beginning to ramble.

And crave purple eyeshadow. Hm.

My other preference lies in ease of use. I need a complete look to be in every palette. Every palette I own must have an all over lid shade to set my primer and a crease shade. I don’t want to have to pull out a palette of bright colors AND my Becca to get a look done. I’ve got limited sink space.

What about you? Do you gravitate towards versatile palettes or are you quicker to pick up a one-looker?


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