October Favorites

October has come and gone, and my halloween costume wasn’t nearly creative enough to even mention.
I was Superman – a Superman t-shirt and a red cardigan tied around my neck.
I am the least creative person alive right now.
I’ll go mope in a corner.
I got my husband into a Batman mask, though, so it was a success.

Anyway! Favorites time, eh?

October Favorites

This was a weird month, makeup wise. The great majority of times I wore makeup were very “throw it in the air and hope it lands in the right spot”, so not many of the things I was using on repeat changed. But, where there is a will, there is a way, and I have lots of will.

Kevyn Aucoin Contour Book

Kevyn Aucoin

I grow more and more in love with this every time I use it. I’ve started to experiment with layering the cream products under the powder, and it makes for a very dramatic but still somehow natural effect. Like, I’ll be halfway through putting it on and my eye will literally think my cheeks have always been that define. They are not.

Full post here

Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Palette

Bobbi Brown

This thing is pretty darn snazzy! (Oh my god, I’m eighty.) It lives in my purse/diaper bag/pocket. Inside are an under eye corrector, a concealer, a setting powder, and a little pan of foundation. I love this for two reasons. One, obviously now don’t need to carry around four separate products. Two, I don’t have to guess as to which colors I was supposed to buy – if you know your foundation color, Bobbi does it for you. My only gripe: The setting powder obviously has to be applied with a brush, which I do not want to carry around in my purse, so I don’t use it much on the go.

Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquer in Delphine


Why yes, after I wrote the Funny Girl review I did go out and buy more of these nail polishes. This one is just my go to. It’s a greyish purple that says “I’m a lot more put together than you’d think a mother of seven month old twins would be”, but I know the truth.

Mac Lipstick in Twig


This is another purse dweller. I love this color, and am kind of miffed I didn’t find it sooner. This is, at least for me, a “my lips but better” color, because my lips are super pigmented to begin with. Nudes just don’t cut it for me – I look washed out and sickly. I much prefer to err on the side of red than to look zombified.

Benefit Fake Up Concealer

Fake Up

This has come very much in hand over the past month. I love that it’s a stick, so I can just stab my face with it a few times and all of a sudden I’m spot free. It also feels super luxurious on the under eye – so moisturizing and silky and nice. I was also surprised by how pigmented it was – I thought it would sheer out a little because of the ring of moisturizer around it, but nope!

My Eyebrows! (Anastasia Brow Wiz, Anastasia Clear Brow Gel, Benefit High Brow)


I became obsessed with my brows this month. I have pretty thick ones to begin with, but now that I’ve spent countless hours staring at myself, I’ve noticed that they’re not completely straight or uniformly filled. These fix that. I’ve fiddled with using powder in my brows and just can’t be bothered. Just let me draw them on, gel them down, and when I’m super ambitious, highlight them.


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