Strategies for the Sephora VIB Rouge Sale

Ways to handle the Sephora VIB Sale:

1.) Grocery Shopping

Buy the things you need anyway, just cheaper. New Beauty Blender, foundation in a winter shade, moisturizer and face wash refill. This is what a responsible, money conscious, non-hoarder would do. But who with a beauty blog is that kind of beast?

2.) Quantity over Quality

Assess every holiday value set for how much free product you get and rob Sephora blind. Tarte and Too Faced really are just giving away product this year, aren’t they? Tempting strategy, but I end up not using most of the stuff because I didn’t hand pick it. (Evidence: the last two months of my Birchbox subscription)

3.) Quality over Quantity

Get all the designer stuff for much more palatable prices. This is my plan. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk for only $50? Done, mine. Viseart palettes for only $64? No brainer. Lancome or Dior mascara for only $24? Point me towards the cashier.

How are you planning to handle the VIB sale?


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