To Buy or Not To Buy: The Ambient Lighting Edit

Oh, you beautiful, beautiful tease.

Reasons to get the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit:

1.) I’m an addict.


Just kidding.


2.) It’s a chance to try 6 of their powders. It would cost $255 to try that many powders at once (granted, you get more product that way)
3.) It’s friggin’ gorgeous
4.) There’s a full face of powders in one palette, which is handy with my limited bathroom counter space.
5.) Seriously, it’s so gorgeous.
6.) It’s the holidays, so who cares? Why does every gift have to be a complete necessity? I’m buying makeup, not going grocery shopping.

Reasons not to get the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit:

1.) Each pan is the same size as one Mac eyeshadow, and for a face product, that’s kinda crappy
2.) According to Temptalia, there is only $48.05 worth of powder for $80, and they’re valuing the powder at $272.11 an ounce- read her whole review, it’s enough to make you a little angry at Hourglass
3,) It’s $80
4.) It’s friggin’ gorgeous… oh wait… wrong list…
4.) (And this is personal) I don’t consider highlighting an essential step in my every day makeup routine, so is this really the thing to spend my money on?

What are your thoughts? Have you gotten this beautiful creature yet? WHAT SHOULD I DOOOOO?


16 thoughts on “To Buy or Not To Buy: The Ambient Lighting Edit

  1. Ohhhhhhhmygosh it’s SOOO pretty. I’ve seen so many reviews and videos on this now, rightfully so with all the hype around it. Because its SOOOO pretty. I know that I personally would find one of the powders that I was obsessed with and just buy that full sized, since highlighting isn’t an essential step to me either. If you have the funds for a splurge though, by all means go for it, because hey, you can gift to yourself during the holidays too! ❤ lovely post!

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    1. I decided to pick two powders I really wanted and get them- got Diffused Light and Mood Exposure. I’m pretty happy with that decision 🙂 the only thing making me curious is the bronzer now… One more day of Rouge sale to decide…

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  2. I am glad you decided against purchasing this palette. It’s kind of a joke how small these pans are. I know you said you already went and purchased a full sized blush and highlight, but consider doing this as well. Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting palette is the one to get, especially if you’re fair skinned. I use the Dim light all over as a setting powder (with a light hand), Incandesant light (exclusive to the palette) as a highlight, and radiant light as a bronzer!! They recently came out with a full sized blush, incandescent Electra and it is to die for!!

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