Benefit Brow Bar – Where has this been all my life?

I’m a sucker for good service. I’m the kind of person who welcomes upselling and will let the Nordstrom Nars rep put everything on my face and listen to them lie about why their exfoliator is different than every other exfoliator in the world.

It makes me feel pampered. It makes it a pleasure to spend my money on this instead of… like… groceries.

So the new Benefit store in Princeton is crack to me.

First of all, all of the employees look like they’re having a grand ol’ time being there. Seriously, I want some of that Kool-Aid. Everyone has tattoos, and everyone looks like they were 3D printed at the Benefit warehouse right next to the box blushes. It was great.

The actual useful things: They actually measure your face to decide where your brow should go. Usually, I hold my breath while the underpaid Supercuts employee slathers wax on my forehead. My stylist judged both ends of my brow and my arch based on a brush placed on different parts of my nose – it gave me some great peace of mind.

The best part of the experience – and something I now think is sorely missing from most waxing places – is they’ll redo your makeup where they waxed it off so you don’t walk around town with a red, throbbing unibrow. They concealed my redness and pencilled and gelled my brows back in place and sent me out feeling fancier than I was when I walked in.

And talked me into buying a High Brow and Posietint.

But whatever, they earned it.

I’m seriously wowed by this place and legitimately recommend going to a Benefit store for your brows. I also think Ulta uses the same brow shaping technique, but can’t speak to their service or expertise.

Anyone else been to this place and immediately wanted to be best friends with everyone who worked there?


6 thoughts on “Benefit Brow Bar – Where has this been all my life?

      1. My local counter had a deal where if you booked to have your brows waxed and tinted you got a free gimme brow, but they didn’t tell me they were out of stock until half way through the appt. the tint wasn’t very good and they had no product to put on me afterwards 😔 I was really disappointed xxx

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