Viseart Paris Nudes: Returned, with Heartbreak and Anguish

This is going to be an unpopular opinion. Just a warning.

I returned my Viseart Paris Nudes Palette.

*Ducks away from tomatoes being flung*

I drooled over this thing for weeks. It seemed all of my favorite British Youtubers had gotten their hands on the Matte Nudes version, and they couldn’t stop gushing. This was the palette of professionals. This was the end all, be all, holy grail, throw-out-your-Nakeds palette.

via Temptalia

I got Paris Nudes (as I own more matte neutral eyeshadows than I’ll ever use in my lifetime and am still tempted by the Tarte In Bloom palette all the same) during the VIB Rouge sale.

They swatch GORGEOUSLY. Gor. Geous. Ly. There is no denying that. The way these shadows swatched made me rethink a lot of the palettes I owned. You know – the ones who are pretty if you futz with them for a while and add a few layers and squint but the packaging is just so lovely.


I tested these for one day, laying them on my eyes as easy as pie and imagining the multitudes of looks I could make with this beautiful palette. Coppers and mauves and purples and pinks, all dancing on my lid.

I took my daughters to the mall.

I looked at my eyes 4 hours later.

The shadow was gone.

The $80 shadow had disappeared off of my lids, leaving behind a muddy line of grunge in the crease of my eye.

Now, Jenny, you say. Use a primer.

Now, reader, I say. If I’m paying $80 for a palette, it best not need one. Lorac doesn’t disappear in four hours. Urban Decay doesn’t disappear in four hours. Becca doesn’t disappear in four hours.

The Anastasia Self Made palette was only $35 and has better staying power than the Viseart.

Believe me, no one is as disappointed at this discovery as me. I wanted this to perform as wonderfully as it swatched. But it just has zero staying power.

Has anyone else tried the Viseart palettes? Did you have the same troubles I had?


7 thoughts on “Viseart Paris Nudes: Returned, with Heartbreak and Anguish

  1. i have all of these except 02. I’m a MUA, and i would not use any other shadows on my clients. I definitely use primer. and when i do use a primer they last for 15+ hours! Your lids have oil on them and oil removes makeup. some people are oilier then others. that’s why it’s so important to use primer. the shadows are so finely milled, pigmented, buildable and blendable, which makes them universally flattering. Most importantly they are eye safe. A lot of brands don’t advertise it, but some shadow palettes (even the high end brands) are not eye safe. Sorry for the rant, but i love these. And you can get them on sale if you shop at the right places at the right time. I got all of mine for 57 to 64 dollars (i did use a pro discount a few times though)

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