Lube Up your Double Wear

Two things about me:

1.) I have incredibly dry skin
2.) My face sweats an unladylike amount

el_sku_ya6f66_558x768_0I was on the hunt for a really long wearing foundation, and that search lead me to Estee Lauder Double Wear. I got it (only $30 during the Sephora VIB sale… crazy!), slapped it on my face, and the HORROR!

Dry patches were crusty, my forehead looked like a dinosaur’s tush, and my cheeks were so tight I felt like I was talking in slo-mo.

The solution?

I had to lube it up.

2268674I pumped 2 squirts of foundation onto the back of my hand (FYI – the pumps Mac sells fit Double Wear), dripped one tiny dot of Josie Maran Argan Oil on top, and voila! One dot of oil makes Double Wear much more flexible and tones down the matte finish to a more natural, satiny one. I haven’t seen that it effects the lasting power of the foundation at all, which is great!

Just a warning: Two drops of oil WILL NOT WORK. Two drops makes Double Wear completely fall apart on your face – I’ve never seen a foundation patch up that much. I could literally see the pores of my Beauty Blender stamped into my skin. It also ends up feeling very cakey this way because the product gunks up on your skin so much.

I’d be interested to try this on other dry, mattifying foundations…


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