Sephora Oil Infusion Color and Care

I feel like I should do something Thanksgiving themed, but let’s be real. My makeup for Thanksgiving is turkey grease blush and mashed potato lipstick, and my only outfit requirement is “loose waistband”. So, back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

Just alerting you:

Three oils

This stuff is awesome.

I’m getting more and more impressed with Sephora’s house brand makeup. I got a small sample of the Oil Infusion Color and Care, and bought two full sized ones the next day.

These look like they’re meant to be less expensive (I don’t like saying “cheaper” when the quality hasn’t suffered) dupes for YSL’s Volupte Tint-In-Oil. They are lightly tinted lip glosses with a thin, melty, oily texture (fitting).The color is light and doesn’t have great lasting power, but I’d say is comparable to what you’d expect from a gloss.

What sets these apart is the after effects. When I first put it on, my lips immediately feel moisturized and flexible, and once the product wears away, they are left conditioned and soft. I sometimes feel like gloss leaves dried up, sticky balls of product behind, and this had absolutely none of that.

Besides the obvious dupe for YSL, I picked up a perfect color dupe:



With Clarins

Sephora Tint in Oil in Iced Coffee is a spot on dupe for Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Rosewood Shimmer, and $11 cheaper.


The textures are slightly different – Sephora’s is, again, thin and oily, but the effect on the lips is identical. I will say the Clarins one tastes better (and yes, that’s important for lip products.)

I’m really interested in trying more of Sephora’s own brand. I’ve been burned by Ulta’s in house brand a few times, but this product is giving me high hopes…


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