Reasons NOT to Buy High End Mascaras

I currently do not have a full sized mascara open. A few of my favorites are waiting in my “backups” box for their moment. Why aren’t I opening them? Why might I not buy more of them?

This is my current collection of mascara samples.

mascara 2

And below are their values, compared to their full sized counterparts.

Nars Audacious – .12 oz. (Full is .32 oz) -$10

Lancome Hypnose Drama – .135 oz (Full is .22) – $17.19

Lancome Definicils – 0.07 oz

Benefit They’re Real – .1 oz (Full is .3) – $8

Bobbi Brown Smoky – .1 oz (Full is .2) – $14.50

Not sold yet? Other reasons not to spend money on high end mascaras…

2.) Most mascara samples range from 1/3 to 1/2 of a full sized mascara. That’s more than a sample, that’s a legitimate travel sized option.

3.) Personally, I’ve never finished a mascara before it either expired (3 month mark) or dried out to the point that the formula suffered. By getting smaller tubes, you’re more likely to use all of the product while it’s fresh. And it’s free, so there’s it’s not even a matter of saving money anymore.

4.) You can change up your mascara daily without worrying about expensive tubes drying out. Want a volume glam option, a natural option, and a few different colors? Track down some samples.

mascara 1

Ways to get high end mascara samples:

-Benefit drops them in everything. Every value pack or Ulta/Sephora perk has one of their mascaras.
-Speaking of, point perks and online promotions. Make sure to check Sephora’s promotions before checking out online – mascaras are pretty common. As of this writing, Sephora has an option for samples bags containing Nars, Lancome, Benefit, and Buxom mascaras, or you can sample a Marc Jacobs mascara with another code.
-Just ask. I was at a Chanel counter once and they just gave me one. Then I lost it. But it was mine for a second.


9 thoughts on “Reasons NOT to Buy High End Mascaras

      1. Maybelline Great Lash was my go to for a while, Rimmel Lash Accelerator, Maybelline Rocket… A bunch of the hyped up ones on Youtube. I thought all mascara just did that until I tried Lancome Definicils, and it stayed all day with zero smudge… I must have exceptionally oily lids or something.


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