What Color Am I?

Do you ever get to a point with trying foundations that you literally don’t know what color you are?


armaniI really want to wear Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. During the Sephora VIB sale, I bought a bottle in the shade 3 (“Fair with golden undertones”) just as a guess. I got it, put it on my face, and thought it was a bit too light. It matched my neck pretty well, but it washed out my face. If I put on some bronzer it wasn’t so heinous, but when a foundation is that expensive, I want it to actually match. Back to Sephora it went.

I went to the Armani website, and it has a foundation matcher. Score! I put in that I usually wear Bobbi Brown foundations in Sand, and it told me to get shade 2 (“Fair with neutral undertones”). Shade 3 already looked too light, and they want me to go lighter? Some reviews said that because of the undertones, 2 actually appeared darker than 3, so what the heck. Ordered shade 2.

Shade 2 was just a ridiculous joke. Might as well have been wearing white clown makeup.

I decided the only way to handle this was to go in person to an Armani counter and have someone who knows more than me tell me what to buy. The makeup artist sent me home with shade 4.5 (“Light with neutral undertones). I walked around the mall with a bounce in my step, knowing I was a gleaming goddess of perfectly matched makeup.

I’m wearing it right now and… well… I felt the urge to write this post. That speaks for itself.

As far as the Armani foundation, I’m going to repurchase shade 3. If all I have to do is pop on some Laguna to make it work, so be it.

mac-pro-longwear-concealerAnyway, while I was wearing the foundation, I thought I’d stop at Mac and see if I needed a different shade of concealer. I was matched to NC20 or N18 over the summer, depending on the foundation, and surely in November my shade would have lightened.

The MUA put NW25 on my face and told me it was perfect.

What. Color. Am. I?

I didn’t buy the concealer, because 1.) I am not pink. 2.) I am not medium skinned and 3.) He had an attitude. This was the correct course of action, as when I got home, there was a dark brown stripe of ill-matched concealer next to my ear. So. Bleh.

I’m just at the point where I have no idea what my skin color is. Am I cool toned because I have redness in my cheeks? Am I neutral because I’m neither pink nor golden? Am I medium because my arms are darker than my face, or am I fair because my neck is ghostly white?

And WHY do all makeup stores have such crappy lighting????????


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