Mac Rebeleyes Gel Liner Review

My eyelids absolutely eat makeup. Like a PMSing girl watching a chick flick with chocolate.

Stila liner doesn’t last on me. Kat Von D liner doesn’t last on me. Bobbi Brown gel liner gives the best fight, but still fades around hour 7.

This stuff.

I went bowling with it. I went laser tagging with it. (Yes, I am a 29 year old mom and I went laser tagging. Don’t judge.) I wore it on stage for an hour and a half.

This stuff is SERIOUS.

Mac Rebeleyes is a new release. It’s a gel liner housed in a pen with a slanted, foam tip. The gel is MATTE and incredibly pigmented, like one-swipe-crap-that’s-black pigmented.

Remember how Benefit They’re Real Liner failed at this delivery system? Rebeleyes is how it was supposed to work.

Because the tip is foam, it holds onto the product better, so you don’t get balls of product slipping around your eye. I will say that the tip is not that pointed, so you can’t initially get a skinny, precise cat eye. It suits a stubbier, cuter kitty. But, if razor sharp is what you’re after, Rebeleyes responds to eye makeup remover like a dream, so Q-tip to your heart’s content. Or, as the Mac MUA suggested, you can also just pump out a bit of product and dab it on with a separate brush.

That actually is an important point – even though it Hulk like staying power, Rebeleyes comes off the moment you ask it to with some eye makeup remover (I like Bobbi Brown) or oil based facial cleanser (I’m experimenting with Boscia right now, and enjoying it).

If your eyelids munch on makeup like mine, I highly, highly, highly recommend this. I really put it to a rough test (laser tag is a sweaty sport), and it performed fantastically.


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